The Rhino Coffee Gear Professional Milk Pitcher speaks to professionals in the coffee industry: people who have a need for a quality product with less waste.


The Rhino Coffee Gear Professional Milk Pitcher has been developed by people who understand the needs of the specialty coffee industry.

The Professional Range of milk pitchers features a precision spout for latte art, an ergonmic handle, and etched measurements on the inside wall of each pitcher. These measurements are there as a guide for the novice, the pro, and everyone in between. Etched in both millilitres and ounces, they are there to help the barista measure out the right amount of milk for each coffee to help a barista with consistency. In a busy cafe environment this helps to reduce milk waste and ensures that excess milk isn’t being tipped down the drain.

Designed with a 1mm thick, food grade stainless steel body, the Rhino Professional Range enables a long stretch time for texturing milk, which is ideal for 360ml and 600ml sizes.


– Material: Stainless Steel
– Wall Thickness: 1mm
– Size: 360/600 /950ml
– Exterior Finish: Polished Stainless Steel
– Interior Finish: Brushed Stainless Steel