Mrs Rose Espresso Moka 250gr

10.40 Including tax

With the right grinding for Moka pot (Italian coffee kettle for electric cooker or gas cooker). Follow the instructions of Mrs Rose Espressina or Moka Bialetti that you can find here. A blend of 6 selected, top Arabica varieties, coming from Central and South America and Africa. With medium and slow roasting, it brings to your cup aromas of flowers and fruits and delicious notes of chocolate and caramel. Light and balanced flavor with low caffeine content,  just 1.34%.

250gr Package – Espresso Grind

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Moisture content 1.12%
Caffeine 1.26%
Blend composition:
Arabica 100%
Robusta 0%
Mineral impurities  0%
Vegetable impurities or defective coffee beans   0%


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