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Goppion Espresso L’Eroica 250gr Ground

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L’ Eroica was born for the love cycling, that which caused the writing of some amount history and of a lot of italian literature with the intent to seek the authentic roots of a beautiful sport, with a great popular soul people, and to discover beauty. The heroic cycling of Bartali and Coppi and the sacrifice that seeks out our physical boundaries where thirst, hunger, and exhaustion are felt with all their strength. Coffee and cycling are part of the Italian lifestyle. Goppion is a family owned company which only roasts top quality coffees. L’Eroica chose Goppion to supply a special blend of coffee to celebrate the 20th edition of the event, which will be held Sunday, October 2, 2016 in Gaiole in Chianti. In this blend created especially for l’Eroica you will experience the citrus notes of the ethiopian Sidamo, the intense flavour of Guatemala, fine acidity of Honduras and cacao notes typical of Brazil Alta Mogiana.

Out of stock