A blend that comes from the encounter between Arabica from Brazil and Indian Robusta, a tribute to the origins of the company.

A new blend was born in the Goppion house: it is Hermanos, composed half of Brazilian Arabica Cerrado and for the other half from Indian Robusta from the Karnataka region. The name Hermanos chosen for the new blend wants to underline the union between the two countries from which the beans come, in the sign of brotherhood in the name of coffee, as shown in the illustration created by Mimicocodesign with the creative direction of Fabio Fedrigo, author of graphic identity of the new product. Not only that: it is also a tribute to Hermanos Goppion, the roasting company founded after World War II in Venezuela, in the capital Caracas, by the brothers Ottorino and Olivo Goppion.

“We created Hermanos – explains Paola Goppion, marketing and communication manager of the historic Treviso roasting company – to finally do justice to Robusta coffee, often perceived as less good than Arabica. If the latter is undoubtedly the best variety, Robusta sometimes manages to surprise us, as in this case. Our roasters have chosen an excellent Robusta of Indian origin which gives rise to a full-bodied and persistent blend. The Arabica contributes its delicate and velvety aroma, while the Robusta makes the cup strong and aromatic, with a slight spiciness of the background. At Goppion we have always combined aromas and tastes, seeking the most exciting qualities. This is why we select some of the finest Robusta coffees, which we buy on an island in Indonesia and in some areas of India. With Hermanos we also wanted to celebrate the history of our company and of those who founded it, back in 1948”