Axor Rio Descaler 250ml

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Liquid Descaler is designed to decalcify (delime or descale) espresso machine water tanks and coffee brewing equipment. Safe to use on aluminium, brass and stainless steel. Follow the instructions for use.

The bottle contains 5 doses of 50ml.

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1) Add one dose of the cleaner (see scale on the bottle)  to 300ml of water and place it at the tank of the coffee machine.

2) Run entire solution through the machine.

3) Repeat the above procedure with 500ml of clean water to rinse all the components thoroughly.

4) Repeate for two more times step 3.

For use, follow the machine manufacturer’s specific instructions for descaling. Always rinse the machine at least twice with fresh water after decalcifying and before re-filling and reusing the machine.


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