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ES03000Goppion Espresso Ja.Bl.Mo. 3Kgr TinBlend of 100% selected Arabica coffee beans from Central and South America including the exquisite Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. Sweet and mild tasting with a chocolaty and slightly flowery after-taste.
ES13000Goppion Espresso Ja.Bl.Mo. 1Kgr Beans
Blue Mountain is the name of a region of Jamaica where the sunset turns blue and where the best quality Arabica in the world is grown. Its limited quantities are exported in special wood barrels, just like rum.
ES13001Goppion Espresso Bio 1Kgr Beans
NATIVO coffee is an exclusive product thanks to its quality and the values that define it. Made from coffee from organic farming in Central and South America, NATIVO is the result of a selection of 100% Arabica coffee with a sweet, aromatic flavor and a very low caffeine content. The special production procedure brings out the original characteristics of the product within a the tight framework of regulations required to define a product “organic”.
ES13002Goppion Espresso CSC 1Kgr Beans
Complex. Or as some say, the classic Goppion coffee.
The blend of Espresso Italiano Goppion in beans consists of select CSC®* certified Brazilian and Central American Arabica coffee. Basically, it contains the best coffee in the world.
dolceES13003Goppion Espresso Dolce 1Kgr Beans

This blend was the first ever to be produced by our company, and has been going strong since we founded our coffee roasting business in 1948. It has always had the name Gran Miscela Dolce, but recently our experiences, especially abroad, have shown that those who appreciate it simply remember it as ‘DOLCE’, i.e. sweet. From 2016, with this packaging, this has become its name, to emphasise and better define its most distinguishing feature: sweetness.

ES13004Goppion Espresso Speciale Bar 1Kgr Beans
Blend of Arabica and select Robusta coffee.
Full-bodied, round flavor with an average caffeine content.
Suitable for use in cafes or pizzerias. Idea for cappuccino and milk drinks, breakfasts and the preparation of long drinks.
Recommended combinations: sweets and digestive liquors.
ES13005Goppion Decaf 1Kgr Beans
A flavorful blend of select Arabica coffee from Central and South America, naturally low in caffeine which is further extracted to less than 0.10 % as required by law (Ministerial Decree dated 20-May-1976)*. Dedicated to customers who want a pleasant full aroma coffee without the effect of caffeine.
* Decaffeination is performed using UNI EN ISO 9002 certified systems.
ES23002Goppion Espresso Decaf Bio 250gr Ground
100% Arabica. Bio, Equo, Deca. Miscela di caffè Arabica centroamericani provenienti da agricoltura biologica, certificati da CCPB e da Fairtrade per il commercio equo-solidale. L'estrazione della caffeina avviene attraverso un processo naturale a mezzo di vapore d'acqua a contatto con anidride carbonica (CO2). Indicato per chi sceglie la cucina naturale e biologica e per chi vuole rinunciare alla caffeina. Contenuto di caffeina inferiore allo 0.1% verificata su ogni lotto di produzione. 250g macinato.
ES23001Goppion Filter Coffee Bio 250gr GroundBlend of 100% Arabica coffees from Central America grown under organic farming methods certified by IMC and Fairtrade. Aromatic taste, light body. Low caffeine content. Suitable for people choosing an organic and vegetarian diet. Suggested with: fine and delicate aroma dishes.
LAV200Goppion Hot Chocolate 1 Kg Tin
Just like Goppion says: Sweeten your day with a delicious temptation! The drink the cocoa Goppion welcomes winter giving you a warm embrace from the exhilarating taste. Try it with a dollop of cream or with our coffee for special recipes.
1Kgr Tin
SW3000Goppion Sugar
Refined white sugar in single dose packets. Calorie content of each packet about 30 kcal. Highly soluble in beverages.
SW3100Goppion Brown Sugar
Unrefined raw brown sugar in single dose packets. Calorie content of each packet about 30 kcal. Can be used as an alternative to refined sugar.
SW3200SweetenerThe sweetener is composed of sucrose, sodium cyclamate and acesulfame K. At the same dosage it sweetens five times more than common sugar and can allow a useful calorie saving: in fact each sachet provides 3.9kcal compared to the 20 kcal of the corresponding sucrose. 250 sachets
SW0110Goopion Almond chocolateSmall chocolate ball with Almond individually packed. Package of 400 pieces.
AC520Goppion Sugar boxBox for sugar servings
AC510Goppion Napkin HolderMetallic napkin box
AC500Goppion NapkinsNapkins 200 pcs package
T500Goppion Espresso Cup Cafeteria

For a quality espresso, at home also. An elegant design that allows you to enjoy the magic of a Goppion coffee every day.

T510Goppion Cappuccino Cup Cafeteria

For a quality cappuccino, at home too. An elegant design that allows you to enjoy the magic of a Goppion coffee every day.

FR3200Goppion Freddo GlassGoppion freddo glass 37 cl
T620-1Goppion Mug (1pc) random color
Goppion Mug - 1 piece
Random selection of color
250 ml
T600Goppion Espresso cups 6pcs (1 of each color)6 different color cups combined with their dishes Colors are: Red / Yellow / Green / Purple / Grey / Dove Grey
T610Goppion Cappuccino cups 6pcs (1 of each color)6 different color cappuccino cups combined with their dishes Colors are: Red / Yellow / Green / Purple / Grey / Dove Grey
AC590Goppion Barista Long ApronLong apron (Barista) Black 2 pockets
AC580Goppion Service Short ApronShort apron (service) Black 2 pockets
FE3100Goppion JBM Illuminated Sign SquareExternal space illuminated sign
FE3200Goppion JBM Wall SignPlexiglass sign 30x40
FE3500Goppion Nativo Wall SignPlexiglass sign 30x40
FE3300Goppion Dolce Wall SignPlexiglass sign 30x40
AC550Goppion JBM HoperCylindrical plexiglass Hoper adjustable on coffee grinders.
AC540Goppion Nativo HoperCylindrical plexiglass Hoper adjustable on coffee grinders.
AC560Goppion Dolce HoperCylindrical plexiglass Hoper adjustable on coffee grinders.